National Conference on Higher Education in Prison

Rebecca Ginsburg, #EJAPSymposium Keynote from the Education Justice Project, mentioned the 2014 National Conference on Higher Education in Prison. If you are interested in presenting at the conference, please email Rob Scott at

For more information about the conference, please take a look at its website:

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Pictures from Symposium


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Words Without Walls Video

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Materials from Brenda Waugh

More stuff from speakers!!!

Brenda Waugh, a participant in the Alternative Sentences and Restorative Justice roundtable on Saturday at 9:30am, has also graciously shared a document for #EJAPSymposium followers.

Waugh, Restorative Justice and Alternative Sentencing (1)

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Materials from Karen Cardozo

Karen Cardozo, a participant in the Education in Prisons / Prisons in Education roundtable on Saturday at 2:30pm, has graciously shared a document for #EJAPSymposium followers. It holds some of the information she hopes to discuss during the event.

Cardozo – Prisons in Education

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Speaking, Blogging, Tweeting

Only two days away…

We want to remind #EJAPSymposium attendees that they’re not only invited to watch the symposium’s roundtables–they are invited to speak out and participate during some portions, too. Q and A sessions will be held during every roundtable. We hope to provide opportunities for everyone to think critically about imprisonment in the Appalachian region. We also wish to strengthen access to the liberating potential of education. Contributions from speakers and the audience will help us meet these goals.

There are also ways you can participate online: After many of the speaking events, we will update our website’s blog (the feed is on the Home page) with some news about the proceedings. Please feel welcome to comment on all blog posts. You can ask questions about the keynotes and roundtables, or share some of your favorite moments from the events.

Twitter is encouraged as well. Tweet key discussion points, or anything else you think is helpful, using #EJAPSymposium. When you include #EJAPSymposium in your tweets, Twitter users who want to learn more about the keynotes and roundtables can easily find your comments with Twitter search during/after the Symposium.

For some great advice about Tweeting during something like the #EJAPSymposium, see Brian Croxall’s thoughtful blog post at ProfHacker:

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Visiting Morgantown for the Symposium, Maps to Venues

The #EJAPSymposium is only four days away now!!!

For those of you travelling to Morgantown for the speaking events, we have published a page with information about parking and dining in the city. (There’s a phone number for a taxi service, too.)

The #EJAPSymposium site also features Google maps of Colson Hall and the Mountainlair, the symposium venues. You can find the maps below or on the About page.

Symposium Venues

Colson Hall, Room 130

Located on the first floor of Colson Hall across from the main office.

Mountainlair, Rhodendron Room


Don’t forget…

Tweet your thoughts on the weekend with #EJAPSymposium

Follow @APBP_Morgantown on Twitter

Like the Appalachian Prison Book Project (APBP) on Facebook

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Less Than Two Weeks Away…

The Educational Justice & Appalachian Prisons Symposium is less than two weeks away, folks! Mark your calendars so you don’t miss that weekend’s events, all of which have been listed on the symposium’s schedule. (A PDF of the Symposium_Event_Schedule, by the way, has been added to the #EJAPSymposium website to make reading the schedule easier for those with unruly browsers.)

Get your Twitter handles ready for the symposium, too!

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Thank You to Funders, Coordinators, and Contributors

Organizing an event isn’t easy. It takes a community to put together something like the #EJAPSymposium, where people will meet to discuss not only higher education and arts programs in prisons, but restorative justice, prison book projects, and literacy, too. It is the great pleasure, then, for the coordinators of the #EJAPSymposium to thank this community by sending a well-deserved shout-out to:

  • The Department of English at WVU and Chair of English Jim Harms for co-coordinating the symposium, generously providing space in Colson Hall for its speaking events, and helping to provide food.
  • Katy Ryan and Mark Brazaitis for heroically devoting countless hours to co-coordinating the event.
  • Will Deaton for creating the #EJAPSymposium website and publicizing the event through Twitter and Facebook.
  • Eric Hopkins for his photography.
  • Jeri Kirby, Valena Beety, and Mike Buso for scheduling.
  • Jonny Blevins, Cari Carpenter, Julia Daniel, Trey Wertz, Angie Iafrate, Lara Farina, Catherine Gouge, Jane Metters, Elizabeth Juckett, Yvonne Hammond, and Mike Buso for volunteering for a variety of functions.
  • Michele Marshall for contributing her budgeting expertise.
  • Marsha Bissett for setting up the symposium’s catering.
  • All of the APBP Student Group members for volunteering during the symposium’s roundtables.


****Addendum: How could one not thank each of the symposium’s speakers? Learn more about what these wonderful, brilliant people will discuss at the #EJAPSymposium by reading their bios or checking out the roundtable/keynote lineup.

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#EJAPSymposium News on Twitter

The Educational Justice & Appalachian Prisons Symposium website isn’t your only source for key information about the event; you can also find out more about the symposium on Twitter. Search for tweets that have the hashtag #EJAPSymposium to discover all the symposium-related posts available in the Twitterverse.

Many #EJAPSymposium tweets will be posted by APBP through its Twitter handle @APBP_Morgantown. Follow @APBP_Morgantown to ensure you never miss any updates about the April event.

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