Thank You to Funders, Coordinators, and Contributors

Organizing an event isn’t easy. It takes a community to put together something like the #EJAPSymposium, where people will meet to discuss not only higher education and arts programs in prisons, but restorative justice, prison book projects, and literacy, too. It is the great pleasure, then, for the coordinators of the #EJAPSymposium to thank this community by sending a well-deserved shout-out to:

  • The Department of English at WVU and Chair of English Jim Harms for co-coordinating the symposium, generously providing space in Colson Hall for its speaking events, and helping to provide food.
  • Katy Ryan and Mark Brazaitis for heroically devoting countless hours to co-coordinating the event.
  • Will Deaton for creating the #EJAPSymposium website and publicizing the event through Twitter and Facebook.
  • Eric Hopkins for his photography.
  • Jeri Kirby, Valena Beety, and Mike Buso for scheduling.
  • Jonny Blevins, Cari Carpenter, Julia Daniel, Trey Wertz, Angie Iafrate, Lara Farina, Catherine Gouge, Jane Metters, Elizabeth Juckett, Yvonne Hammond, and Mike Buso for volunteering for a variety of functions.
  • Michele Marshall for contributing her budgeting expertise.
  • Marsha Bissett for setting up the symposium’s catering.
  • All of the APBP Student Group members for volunteering during the symposium’s roundtables.


****Addendum: How could one not thank each of the symposium’s speakers? Learn more about what these wonderful, brilliant people will discuss at the #EJAPSymposium by reading their bios or checking out the roundtable/keynote lineup.

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