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Only two days away…

We want to remind #EJAPSymposium attendees that they’re not only invited to watch the symposium’s roundtables–they are invited to speak out and participate during some portions, too. Q and A sessions will be held during every roundtable. We hope to provide opportunities for everyone to think critically about imprisonment in the Appalachian region. We also wish to strengthen access to the liberating potential of education. Contributions from speakers and the audience will help us meet these goals.

There are also ways you can participate online: After many of the speaking events, we will update our website’s blog (the feed is on the Home page) with some news about the proceedings. Please feel welcome to comment on all blog posts. You can ask questions about the keynotes and roundtables, or share some of your favorite moments from the events.

Twitter is encouraged as well. Tweet key discussion points, or anything else you think is helpful, using #EJAPSymposium. When you include #EJAPSymposium in your tweets, Twitter users who want to learn more about the keynotes and roundtables can easily find your comments with Twitter search during/after the Symposium.

For some great advice about Tweeting during something like the #EJAPSymposium, see Brian Croxall’s thoughtful blog post at ProfHacker: http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/ten-tips-for-tweeting-at-conferences/54281


APBP sends free books to people imprisoned in six states.

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